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Whether you’re working in the area or attending one of the many colleges here in Peoria, Ideal Rentals has houses of all different sizes, spread out in the Peoria metro area. We’re excited to work with you in making our houses for rent into comfortable homes.


Peoria is an attractive place to live because of the good schools in the area, the long list of entertainment options, and affordable houses for rent. We have over 50 houses spread throughout the Peoria area, so no matter where you’re living or working, we likely have just what you’re looking for. Don’t wait -- you’d hate it if someone snagged your dream house while you were being indecisive, wouldn’t you?


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Renting a House in Peoria IL: Things to Know


Things to know about renting a house:


There are advantages to renting a home, especially if you know you'll only be in Peoria for a few years. Renting a home allows you more flexibility and adaptability if circumstances were to change. The advantage to one of our houses for rent is you’ll get our constant support and availability, should you need it!


Advantages to renting a house in Peoria:

  • No maintenance costs

  • Potential access to amenities

  • No real estate (property) taxes

  • Flexibility to downsize or change

  • Fixed rent amount

  • Lower utility costs (often shared by all tenants)


Questions to ask before renting a house:


  • Are pets allowed?

  • Is it furnished?

  • Is smoking allowed?

  • Are utilities included?

  • What is the parking situation?

  • Who takes care of repairs?


houses for rent in peoria IL

Things to know about Peoria IL:


The city of Peoria IL is host to various entertainment options, famous people, affordable homes, good schools and surrounding suburbs, as well as a strong job market thanks to Caterpillar and other industry-leading businesses.


In addition to these factors, Peoria has earned compliments from former presidents, including Theodore Roosevelt, who called Peoria’s Grand View Drive “the most beautiful drive in the world.” His opinion is shared by the town’s oldest radio station, WMBD, who took their call letters from that phrase: “World’s Most Beautiful Drive.”


Peoria is consistently ranked as an All-American City, having earned the All-America City Award four different times, most recently in 2013. It’s also conveniently located between Chicago and St. Louis, but you probably knew that already.


The convenience offered by houses in Peoria is unmatched by other cities in the area. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Peoria, the surrounding areas, things to look for, and anything other questions!


Living In Peoria IL: Public transportation, entertainment, and more


If you’re looking at houses for rent in Peoria IL, you’ll likely want to know about your options regarding public transportation and entertainment, and so we’ve included some information on those subjects below.


Peoria’s big-city feel is strengthened by the many high-rise residential developments that have gone up around the city, including condominiums, apartments, and riverfront lofts with a view overlooking the Illinois River.


Also, a public bus service run by the Greater Peoria Mass Transit District currently operates in Peoria, along with 10 different railroad services. Daily commercial flights are available out of the General Wayne Downing Peoria International Airport, located nearby.


The Greater Peoria Mass Transit District operates a total of 21 different bus routes throughout the city. The bus routes, which are often referred to as CityLink, also connect Peoria residents to Illinois Central College, as well as other neighboring towns like East Peoria, Peoria Heights, West Peoria, and all points between Peoria and Pekin.


More About Living in Peoria IL


Those living in Peoria also have access to daily bus service from Peoria Charter Coach Company. They offer routes to the Chicago suburbs and airports, providing Bradley students with economical and convenient transportation services.


Additionally, CityLink has several routes that access higher education institutions in the Peoria area.  CityLink offers service to all three ICC campus locations. The #20 ICC Express route provides service between Downtown Peoria and the East Peoria campus of ICC.  The #1 University route offers access to ICC North. Several CityLink routes have stops near ICC’s Downtown Campus. Students can catch the #12 Heights route from the Transit Center for direct access to the Downtown Campus.  Near Bradley’s campus, students can catch either the #1 University or #5 Main.


In addition to the services CityLink provides to the Illinois Central College campuses and Bradley University, service is also available to Midstate College, Robert Morris University, University of Springfield-Peoria Campus, University of Illinois College of Medicine, Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing, and near the new Methodist College location at 7600 N. Academic Drive.


Read More About CityLink’s Transportation Options for College Students


Helpful links if you’re looking at houses for rent in Peoria IL:

Peoria City Government Website

  • Everything you need to know about all of the current goings-on within the city government of Peoria, as well as moving resources for people moving to the city.

Illinois DMV

  • Information on how to register your car in the state of Illinois if you're moving from out of state

  • How to renew your driver's license, change your address, and get a new Illinois driver's license.


  • Ameren provides the city of Peoria with gas and electric services, so this website will be where you can sign up for new service when you move to Peoria.

Peoria Public Works and Utilities

  • The Peoria Public Works and Utilities Department handles all of the water and sewer, waste collection, and recycling needs for the population of Peoria.

Greater Peoria Mass Transit District

  • Need to catch a bus or train? Don't know where to find the airport? The GPMTD should have all the travel and transportation info you need to find your way around the city.

City of Peoria Office of Emergency Services

  • The best way to be prepared for any kind of disaster, be it natural or man-made, is by finding out all the information you need, and the city's Office of Emergency Services is one of the best resources for that information.


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